Blogging vs Microblogging

Something I’ve noticed as I get back into this blogging thing is most blogs I come across don’t post random things. I would call most of what I’ve seen articles instead of posts. They’re structured and most are trying to provide some kind of information. I guess I should include my own blog in this since some of the previous posts were written to provide information and not really about me. Can you have the same type of interaction on a blog that you’d have on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram? If the blog allows comments then yes, of course, you can have the same type of interaction if you choose to! I’m really starting to like blogging again due to the long-form with proper formatting I can do here. I could write a long post on Facebook but it would just be huge paragraphs with no formatting and my general reaction to posts like that was “Congrats! or I’m sorry that happened to you.” aka TL;DR ((’,even%20sit%20down%20and%20read)). I’m certainly not saying microblogging is bad, but I do think the addictive nature of these sites is a bad thing.

microblogging noun

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mi·​cro·​blog·​ging | \ ˈmī-krō-ˌblȯ-giŋ , -ˌblä- \
Definition of microblogging
: blogging done with severe space or size constraints typically by posting frequent brief messages about personal activities

Microblogging, better known as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter has changed the face of blogging. I have … issues with those sites. They’re designed to be addictive and make you want to scroll more and more and more. If you don’t succumb to that urge then I commend you. I did and it sucked. My screen time for those apps could’ve been a 2nd FULLTIME,/b> job. I’m a bit embarrassed at how much time I spent mindlessly scrolling for hours upon end. It makes me even angrier that I used to think I just didn’t have time for whatever it is I was frustrated about not being able to do. Turns out I had plenty of time but I wasn’t using it wisely. As of this post, I will be on day 19 (I’ve been writing this on and off for a few days) and I’ve “found” so much time to do things that bring me joy and knowledge. I have had to stop myself from using this blog as a Facebook or Twitter and just post random stuff. As I mentioned before I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing but my first thought during the initial days of this break was “I need to post that, it’s pretty funny/random/irritating”. Not every thought needs to be posted. Some are better off just staying in my head and some of them might even turn into a funny short story!

It feels like I’m not explaining this well but I’m going to go ahead and finish this up and schedule it to post. I’ve been working on my analysis paralysis so I know that as I write more I will get better and as time passes I can always come back to the these old posts, cringe, and then try and reduce the cringy nature of them!





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