For years I’ve tried to get interested in investing money, the stock market, etc but I just haven’t been able to keep my brain on track. That’s changed recently and now I get very excited at the possibilities in front of me. I met with a financial advisor this week and laid out my ideal retirement and much to my surprise it’s possible I can make it happen! I’m going to have to be very disciplined with my money but I can do it in a way that still allows me to live life currently so I’m not working,saving,working,saving,working,saving rinse repeat. Knowing a path forward has really lifted a weight that I didn’t know I was carrying.

I’ve also opened a couple of robo-advisor accounts to see where that takes me. I’m not planning on trading individual stocks since the last time I did that I became very obsessive about it. I also want to avoid any capital gains tax so my strategy for the robo accounts is to let them go for a year and then see where they are and change course if needed. I have one set for a moderately aggressive and the other set for an aggressive strategy. I’ve had the moderately aggressive one active for 2 days and so far it’s made $15, not a lot but that $15 that I didn’t do anything for so I’ll take it.

Getting older is so weird. This type of activity also felt so out of reach and something that only “real adults” did. So I guess I’m a real adult now? I don’t know. It still doesn’t feel that way but it does feel good learning something new that has so much potential to help me down the road. I’m under no illusion that I could lose most or all of that money in a blink of an eye so I do have other money in more stable and predictable investments that have a proven track record over decades of growth. Ugh, that whole sentence made me feel like such an adult and it’s still so weird!

Anyway, I’ll be writing about my experience with investments more down the road but you should never follow anything I say without checking with someone who actually knows what they’re doing! That’s why I went to a financial advisor and why you should to!



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