30 Day Social Media Break

I decided to ditch social media for the next 30 days which is something I haven’t done in the past. I’ve tried to limit myself using various methods but I always seem to go over what I allow myself. This morning I posted a message on facebook that I would be taking a 30 day break and then deleted the app from my phone. Did the same thing for Twitter and Instagram.

Social media isn’t fun anymore. Honestly, it hasn’t been for a very long time. When I really think about what I get in return for all the time I give it is just anxiety and sometimes even anger.

So what am I going to do with the copious amount of “free” time I’m getting back. Here’s the initial list I wrote in my journal when I was thinking about doing this.

  1. Read (My goal this year is to read at least 10 pages per day which I’ve been easily achieving since mid November)
  2. Creative writing. I loved writing when I was in school. When I was in 7th grade a story I wrote won a 1st prize in a regional competition.
  3. Go for a walk. Another goal for this year is to continue to improve my health. I’ll write more about that later but I’ve been consistently exercising since June 2021 and I’m fairly sure this is the longest continuous stretch I’ve done so I definitely want to keep that up.
  4. Take the dog for a walk. I separated these since my dog is much more interested in sniffing all the things when we walk together. No issues with that at all but sometimes I just want to walk so splitting them up makes sense. Plus, I get more exercise!
  5. Clean. I’m not good at this and I have to get some good habits around it. I binge clean and then promptly forget about it for longer than I’m comfortable admitting.
  6. Blog. Hey there 🙂
  7. LIsten to music. Something I really enjoying doing but don’t do enough. I’ve recently found LoFi playlists which I keep on as background noise when I’m doing other things. I’ve found I can’t focus if the music has lyrics so LoFi has really hit the spot for me.
  8. Watch *1* episode of a tv show or watch *1* hour of tv. I’m thinking about getting rid of tv as well since I watch way too much of it daily. I don’t think it would be a good move to quit it cold turkey during this 30 day break. But I do want to cut back on it and replace it with more reading and some of the other things I’ve listed. But sometimes I just want to watch an episode or two of Friends or The Office!
  9. Learn caligraphy. As a kid I was around the SCA and learned quite a bit about caligraphy there and even got fairly compentent at it.
  10. Go for a drive to get tea/coffee. Pretty self explanatory.
  11. Journal. This is someting else I’ve set as a goal for 2022. I’m starting at 5 minutes a day which I’ve kept up so far.

Here’s to day 1 of 30!


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