About Me

Who are you?

My name is Jake and this is “My Journey”. I’ve had blogs in the past but never with a real direction. I then switched over to “microblogging” on Facebook, Twitter, etc and my blogging days were pretty much done. This blog was born out of frustration with social media in general. I “doom scrolled” way to much and usually just ended up angry or sad.

What will I see here?

Whatever I decide to write about. It could be about Stoicism, Health and Wellness, my dog Apollo, A good day I had, a creative writing exercise, maybe a book review, or something about an old or new hobby! Maybe even a poem or two! Basically, the sky is the limit here and I’m giving myself permission to write about anything.

Are you an expert in anything?

I’m pretty good with computers, the Linux Operating System, and various other technology-related bits and bobs. I’ve learned a lot about health and wellness over the years and was a Certified Personal Trainer through ACE Fitness but I have since let that expire. I’ve done a good bit of camping over the years and I definitely fall into the “gear nerd” category. My broad interests currently cover Overlanding/car camping, fitness, technology, and filmmaking.

si vis vitam experiri, para ad mortem

If you want to experience life, prepare for death.

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