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  • What To Write Here?

    I don’t know what to do with this blog. I haven’t written here in quite a while but I am writing, almost every day, in other spaces. What do I write here? Maybe I could turn this into a tech/IT-type thing? or maybe a camping/Overlanding thing? I don’t know. I do know that I don’t […]

  • New Home, Same Lack of Posting

    Today I moved all my hosted services off Linode servers. Last March Linode was bought by Akamai. I’ve been putting off moving because I was holding out hope that Linode would continue to be a standalone company but last month Akamai announce the Linode brand was being retired. Still, I held off on moving mostly […]

  • Investing?!

    For years I’ve tried to get interested in investing money, the stock market, etc but I just haven’t been able to keep my brain on track. That’s changed recently and now I get very excited at the possibilities in front of me. I met with a financial advisor this week and laid out my ideal […]

  • Alaska Is Calling

    For the last decade or so I’ve wanted to go to Alaska. My dad was stationed there when he was in the Air Force and talked about it all the time. I’d always wanted to see it but it wasn’t that high on my list. That changed when I saw the PBS documentary about Dick […]

  • New Jeep

    A couple of months ago I bought a new (to me) Jeep Wrangler! It’s a 2016 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon and it’s perfect!! It’s not my first Jeep Wrangler but it is my first 4 door Wrangler, first automatic, and the first one with a hardtop. Trying to put into words how much joy this thing […]

  • My Bubble

    My Bubble is about 36 miles. That’s the limit of my travel. Before I was 20 I’d lived in a different country, lived in 3 different states, and was (mostly) an adventurous person. I played paintball regularly with my friends, I hung out with my friends almost every night and had friends. As I got […]

  • Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness

    Yea, I know that’s not the proper spelling for the Smashing Pumpkins album, and that’s on purpose. For the last few months or so, I’ve been extremely depressed. It’s one of the worst bouts of depression I’ve dealt with in recent memory. Well, since 2017-ish anyway. Unlike my last terrible bout, I have been able […]

  • How I’m Using ToDo Lists

    I’ve never been good at keeping things in my head. I’ve also never been good at following up on things I write down on a to-do list. It’s quite the hassle if I’m being honest. Towards the end of 2021, I started using my iPhone’s to-do list app and just dumped everything I do, or […]

  • Writing For No One, Writing For Me

    It’s not at all surprising but today I enabled site stats using JetPack(( and saw that my site has had zero visitors. As I mentioned I’m not at all surprised by this since I’ve told no one about it. In the past, I’ve wanted to have a successful blog with a community and, to be […]

  • Mantras Are Effective?

    For me, they certainly have been. One, in particular, has been extremely helpful to me. We don’t do that anymore When I feel myself slipping into a bad habit or a bad way of thinking I simply say “We don’t do that anymore” and it breaks those thoughts. Self talk works and I’m not sure […]

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